10 things to do in traffic jam

1. You can learn the number of the car in front of you by heart.
2. You can become the champion of your mobile playing Snake-2, Balloon Shooter or any other game.
3. You can explore the construction of a ballpoint pen. You can even take it into pieces and then assemble back.
4. Now set a new time record of disassembling and assembling your ballpoint pen.
5. You can to embroider. Even in silk if you use a steering wheel as a tambour.
6. You can collect all those hair from front and back seats and check if there is no lipstick under rugs.
7. You can do 'Zh-h-h-h-h-h!' and steer a wheel. This will entertain yourself and your neighbours from the nearest cars.
8. Thaffic jam is that very place where you can examine the contents of your own nose! Slow and detailed cleaning and examination of your nose will bring sense to your life and make your fingers dexterous and strong.
9. You can sell your car and buy a new one closer to the traffic lights.
10. Anyway do not drink. Even if it seems there is still long time to stay.